2.3.2015Motel Country price updated. This time payment DIRECT TO THE MOTEL!
2.3.2015Slot Party will be held at VX relax center about 10 minutes from the raceway. Transportation will be organized. Take your swimming gear along - At venue there is 3 Saunas and swimming pool!
2.3.2015Limited amount of race t-shirts at a price of 20 / pcs will be available at raceway during the event. Be fast or a be last
2.3.2015Schedule is adjusted to meet amount of registered drivers. Basically Slotparty and more practice is added
2.3.2015Registeration period has ended and list of drivers is now present at the entrants page
27.1.2015Timetable for Sunday adjusted to be more suitable with flight schedules
26.1.2015Webpage opened and further updates will follow