13.5.2014Final update before the worlds - TOMORROW ITS RACING TIME!!!
13.5.2014Sponsors published.
13.5.2014Webcam links published.
4.5.2014Fine tuned schedule is published! You can find it from here. For any questions or comments please contact organizer.
2.5.2014Final registeration list now available in entrants page. Detailed schedule will be available tomorrow.
2.5.2014We are happy to announce Tuomo Iso-Aho to be assitant race controller
10.4.2014Pls note that discount rate of Hotel SAS in Vaasa closes in 14th of April. To make your reserveation in discount rate - be on time!
25.2.2014Arrival page updated with details.
25.2.2014Accomodation page updated with details.
25.2.2014Registeration is open!
25.2.2014Gongratulations for peter Fröbel (Germany & G7 Brazilian Champion 2013) for free entry fees to G7 Worlds 2014!
2.2.2014Mistakes corrected from records page. G27 and OMO main records where faulty added to Juha Yli-Sipola in both classes. G27 main record holder is Heiko Thinschmidt and OMO main record holder is Klaus Wickert. Sorry for mistakes. Also results are corrected.
20.1.2014Some G7 racing videos available: Here and Here.
20.1.2014Track will be open for the Worlds practice on Thursday 8.5. at 12.00 o'clock local time (track in condition and pits open). Other services (food, transportation etc) will start on sunday 11.5. at 8.00 o'clock local time. For other services before that please ask organizer!
20.1.2014Track records page updated after Nordic nats. Many records where smashed during the race, for example all main records! Check out!
19.9.2013Norwegian has started to fly overseas from Los Angeles and New York to Stockholm. From stockholm there is direct flight connection to Vaasa which is only 15min away from Laihia
19.9.2013Track records page updated after Finnish nats. Many records where smashed during the race! Check out!
19.9.2013Results from Finnish G7 Nats updated to results page.
19.9.2013Gongratulations for Paul "Beuf" Pedersen (USA & G7 US Champion 2013) for free entry fees to G7 Worlds 2014!
19.8.2013Corrected mistake from the downloadable schedule. Wolrds are in MAY not in June.
13.8.2013>Gongratulation for Brad Friesner (Canada & G7 World Champion 2013) and Vladimir Horky (Czech Republic & European Champion 2013) for free entry fees to G7 Worlds 2014!
13.2.2013Typos corrected + some adjustement made to premilinary schedule
30.1.2013Track records updated to track page
24.1.2013Webpage opened and further updates will follow