The race track is Gary Gerding built Blue King track which has been opened for use at the beginning of 2011. It is built on brand new building where is 200m2 space for track and 200m2 space for pits space and cafeteria.

Panoramic picture of track room

Track room is bright space where colors blue, red, white and black are used together. Within track room there is 20 fixed pit places and possibility to stretch capacity up to 60 places. On all fixed places there are 60cm deep pit table and 25 cm deep accessory table. 230V electrical power on all places.

Track specifications
Counting systemLanemaster
Counter typeLaser trap after big bank
Lenght47.24 m / 155 ft
Power SupplyKemppi 400 A
TypeGerding Fast Track G14 "Black Ice"
Lanes8 Parma color coded lanes

Official G7 records
14.9.2013Qualifying1,489Klaus WickertD
17.3.20128 x 2 min497,15Juha Yli-SipolaFIN
15.9.20138 x 3 min754,10Juha Yli-SipolaFIN
19.1.20148 x 5 min1274,60Juha Yli-SipolaFIN
17.3.20122 min64 (Orange)Stefan TörnfeldtS
17.3.20122 min64 (Blue)Zdenek BenesCZ
17.3.20122 min64 (Blue)Juha Yli-SipolaFIN
17.3.20122 min64 (Yellow)Heikki SinisaariFIN
15.9.20133 min97 (Orange)Jari PorttinenFIN
15.9.20133 min97 (Orange)Juha Yli-SipolaFIN
19.1.20145 min165 (Orange)Jari PorttinenFIN

Official G7 5min Main heat records
19.1.2014red159Jari PorttinenFIN
19.1.2014White163Juha Yli-SipolaD
15.9.2013Green164Juha Yli-SipolaFIN
19.1.2014Orange165Jari PorttinenFIN
28.1.2012Blue163Peter FröbelD
15.9.2013163Juha Yli-SipolaFIN
15.9.2013Yellow164Klaus WickertD
19.1.2014Purple162Juha Yli-SipolaFIN
19.1.2014Black156Juha Yli-SipolaFIN

Official Group Class laptime records
G1214.3.20122,278Tomi PahulaFIN
G27L15.3.20121,961Petr KrcilCZ
OMO28.1.20121,657Peter FröbelD
G2717.3.20121,718Vlado OkaliSVK

Official Group Class lap records
G1226.10.20128 x 4 min770,00Pahula TomiFIN
G27L15.3.20128 x 3 min659,00Petr KrcilCZ
15.3.20128 x 4 min872,00Petr KrcilCZ
G2716.3.20128 x 2 min448,95Zdenek BenesCZ
16.3.20128 x 3 min669,45Petr KrcilCZ
14.9.20138 x 4 min909,50Heiko ThinschmidtD
OMO14.9.20138 x 4 min1001,70Klaus WickertD

Official Group Class Heat records
G1226.10.20124 min100 (Blue)Tomi PahulaFIN
G27L15.3.20123 min84 (Green)Petr KrcilCZ
15.3.20123 min84 (Orange)Petr KrcilCZ
15.3.20123 min84 (Orange)Siegfried GlinkD
15.3.20124 min115 (Orange)Klaus WickertD
G2716.3.20122 min58 (Orange)Klaus WickertD
16.3.20122 min58 (Orange)Siegfried GlinkD
16.3.20122 min58 (Blue)Siegfried GlinkD
16.3.20123 min87 (Orange)Stefan TörnfeldtS
16.3.20123 min87 (Blue)peter FröbelD
16.3.20123 min87 (Blue)Klaus WickertD
14.9.20134 min118 (yellow)Heiko ThinschmidtD
OMO28.1.20124 min130 (Orange)Klaus WickertD

All lap records are made with 14,3 Volts.
Laptime records in G7 and G27 are made in 16,0 Volts.
Laptime records in OMO, G27L and G12 are made in 14,3 Volts.